Who we are

After years of admiring each other’s practices and teaching styles, Jessica Caplan and Ally Bogard teamed up to create SoundMind as a way of sharing their personal practices of clearing, connecting and conjuring. Their vision was to create a potent set of practices that are as practical as they are ethereal, and as rooted in everyday reality as in Spirit, in order to help others build their own practice of connection to self and to Source.

With a combined 20+ years of teaching yoga, they are both dedicated yoga and meditation practitioners, and this project draws its inspiration from years of practice in prayer, plant medicine and spiritual devotion. Jessica’s unique way of intuitively channeling healing through sound, combined with Ally’s intelligent and elegant teaching style produce a set of tools for listeners to receive a wealth of physiological, emotional and spiritual benefits. SoundMind is brought to you with love for your light and to aid you on your safe and joyful journey “home”.


Ally Bogard

Ally is a New York City-based yoga and meditation teacher with a private healing and counseling practice. Her teaching style incorporates specific alignment joined with exploratory movement for free expression. As teacher and co-founder of Gaiatri Yoga Training program, she has taught 200- and 500-hour teacher training programs, alignment immersions and teacher mentorship programs extensively, nationally and internationally, since 2003. Ally is also the co-creator of SoundMind, which combines visualization and meditation with the science of sound therapy to aid in energetic healing.



Jessica is a certified sound therapist, vocalist, and yoga and meditation teacher based in New York City and the Hudson Valley. She creates unique yoga and meditative sound experiences that weave her passion for music as medicine with the individual’s innate capacity to heal. Jessica completed sound therapy practitioner training at the Open Center’s Sound and Music Institute in New York City, and has crafted soundscapes for classes and lead soundbaths, workshops, retreats and trainings in New York City and internationally. She is also the co-creator of SoundMind.