Combining sound therapy with meditation, breathwork and visualization, SoundMind offers seven powerful practices to attune your entire system for optimal health, wellbeing and connection. Each of the meditations combines specific intentions with therapeutic sound to create a lasting effect of clarity, attention and vibrancy.


See below for information about each meditation.

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SoundMind is suitable for beginners and advanced meditators alike. Practitioners of any level can use these meditations as an addition to their daily practice to access optimal states of being.


A heart-based meditation using active visualization to recognize the sacred gift that is life. Since gratitude is one of the highest vibrational states we can achieve, benefits will increase with repeated practice.

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A meditation to create beneficial mental and emotional states in the moment, as well as to help the body and mind align with what you want to experience in the future. Practice often to ensure you are creatively building your emotional state and to reinforce that you attract what you embody. 


A meditation to help body and mind assimilate, digest and release stored stress. Practice daily to release stagnant energy and create spaciousness, and specifically to ease the challenges of transitions or abrupt change.

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A meditation to calm the mind and release unprocessed thought and emotion. Practice daily to begin your day with ease, or use it to ground your energy before a potentially stressful event. 


A meditation incorporating breath awareness, shifts in perception and layered vocals to create a felt sense of acceptance of what has been, in order to live fully in the present moment. Practice as needed, particularly when feeling challenged by past or present circumstances.


A mantra-based meditation to increase the body’s natural energy, balance the hemispheres of the brain and de-stress the mind in order to awaken greater portals of creativity. Practice daily to cultivate mental clarity or when you need an energetic boost.

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A meditation for deep rest and cellular regeneration. Whether you are having trouble sleeping lately or are a chronically challenged sleeper, this practice will help you sleep and dream peacefully. 


Engineered and produced by Nate Martinez